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Igneous by Ash Allen in collaboration with James Walsh, about exploring the possibility of upcycling this waste material. During a four month investigation, they discovered that the Bluestone powder melts in a kiln at ~1250 deg C. As it cools, it coalesces into a strong solid form, actually denser and more impervious than the original stone. During the melt, a small concave meniscus forms on the outer edge of the puddle. To highlight this feature and to create an interesting shadow pattern, we decided to make a wall sconce.

The mirrored bulb, positioned centrally, not only highlights this outer section, but also brings attention to the warm, textured surface of the piece

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Product Details:
  • Australian made
  • Australian designed
  • Melted Bluestone powder at ~1250 deg
  • Mirrored bulb
Finishes Available:
  • Bluestone
Sizes Available:
  • Small - Dia260mm x D75mm
  • Large - Dia380mm x D75mm