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Concrete Annabelle Hex Planter

From $25
Lead Time: 2–4 weeks or in stock

The Concrete Annabelle Hex Planters are designed and manufactured in Australia by Studio Fiveo3. In lightly sealed grey concrete, these planters are available with three options of painted rim to provide a colourful addition to your collection of greenery. Cork bases ensure your surfaces stay safe from scratches.

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Medium - DIa120mm x H80mm
Large - DIa120mm x H120mm
Mint $25AUD
Coral $25AUD
Yellow $25AUD
Mint $35AUD
Coral $35AUD
Yellow $35AUD

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Product Details:
  • Cork base to save surfaces
  • Grey concrete, lightly sealed
  • Two sizes
  • Australian designed
  • Australian made
Finishes Available:
  • Mint
  • Coral
  • Yellow
  • Yellow
Sizes Available:
  • Medium - DIa120mm x H80mm
  • Large - DIa120mm x H120mm