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Concrete Hex Planter

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The Concrete Hex Planters are designed and manufactured in Australia by Studio Fiveo3. Crafted from solid concrete, with a cork base to prevent damage to surfaces, each planter retains individual characteristics and blemishes. These qualities are a mark of these pieces being handmade, and ensure each planter is unique.

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Medium - DIa120mm x H80mm
Large - DIa120mm x H120mm
Grey $25AUD
Black $25AUD
White $25AUD
Blue $25AUD
Grey $35AUD
Black $35AUD
White $35AUD
Blue $35AUD

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Product Details:
  • Two sizes
  • Four colour options
  • Cork base to save surfaces
  • Australian made
  • Australian designed
Finishes Available:
  • Grey
  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
Sizes Available:
  • Medium - DIa120mm x H80mm
  • Large - DIa120mm x H120mm